At Whip Records we work with a wide variety of artist - both local and internationally know - recording virtually every genre from jazz, classical,rock,blues,country and spoken word. 

Click on any play button to listen to a track from an artist's cd recorded here at Whip Records.


Big Band Jazz with Vocals

Blues with vocals


Modern Classical

Jazz vocals with piano and bass


Tengo Music

 Contemporary Gospel

Classical Piano


Jazz with 4 vocalist

Jazz with full band



Latin Jazz

Indie Rock


Modern Rock

Smooth Piano Jazz trio


Blues with Horns


acappela group

Christian Rock

Piano Trio Jazz with Vocals

Blues - Rock with Vocals

Spoken Word

Modern Classical



Spoken Word with Music

Blues with Vocals

Jazz with 3 saxes

Swing jazz with Vocals

Solo piano and vocals


Funk/Blues with Horns


Jazz Cabaret with Vocals


Spoken Word


Musical Theatre Piano/Vocals

Jazz:with sax,bass,

guitar and drums


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